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Digital performance

Fuzhou southeast water plant sludge water treatment project

• Xiangyu Group (Headquarters building) permanent power project

• Xiamen Anren Industrial Park (Phase II) Project

• Fujian Minhou National Tax data center project

• China Huadian Fujian Zhouning Pumped storage power Station intelligent power operation and maintenance system project

• Jincheng Bay Cuiwei Building power distribution project

• Fuzhou Cangshan District Land Development and Construction Investment Co., LTD

(Jinshan Orange Park Industrial Park Project D permanent electricity) project

• Fuqing Steam Glass capacity upgrading (Power distribution sub-project of the second plant)

• Baosteel Desheng Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. plant power supply and distribution project

• Official electricity project of Guanxun Middle School project of New City in East Sea area

• Fuzhou Southeast District water plant sludge water treatment project